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Choosing The Best Tooele Dentist For You And Your Family

February 5, 2010

Find Your Ideal Dentist Tooele!

Are you searching for the best dentists Tooele has to offer?  Need to find a gentle, friendly dental team to take care of your family’s teeth?

There are a few things you’ll want to consider when choosing a dentist.

1) Specialty – For regular cleanings, as well as most other common dental procedures, you’ll want to seek out a “general” or “family” dentist.  For certain needs a dentist with more specialized training may be necessary.

2) Experience – Investigate the experience of the entire dental team.  Research the dentist(s), and ask about their staff of hygienists and assistants.  How long have they worked there?  What sort of training do they go through?

3) Emergency Care – What kind of emergency care does the dental practice provide?  If they don’t provide it in house, what arrangements can they help with so you get the care you need if something should happen?

4) Cost – All dentists are not the same, and depending on your insurance you may be paying a percentage of many procedures.  Ask about the cost of common procedures such as cleanings and X-rays.

5) Patient Comforts – Among the offerings available: TV, music, heating pads, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), pre-medication, and more.  If any of these are important to you, be sure to ask.

6) Technology – Dental lasers offer an exciting new alternative to drills.  Though still growing in use, lasers are proving themselves to be a safer, more effective treatment with less pain.

7) Location – There’s a great dentist for you nearby.  While travel an extra 20 minutes if you can find gentle, effective treatment within just a few minutes drive?

8) Staff – Again, you don’t just go see your dentist.  You’ll make appointments and handle billing issues with office staff, you’ll have your regular cleanings by dental hygienists, etc.  Find out what you can, if not ahead of time then pay attention on your first visit to both your interactions with various staff, as well as their interactions with other patients and each other.

9) Patient Reviews – This may come in the form of a personal recommendation from a friend or family member, or you might check local business review sites such as,,, and more.

Also available – a more detailed guide to working with the right Tooele dentist for you and your family.  Complimentary.

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